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The Chinese script is the only logographic writing system still in Daily use in the world today. Unlike the alphabetic systems used by most languages, Chinese script is made up of Characters, the majority of which are pictophonetic. Most consist of one component indicating the sound of the character, the phonetic, combined with one semantic component, the signal or radical, though in some cases the original semantic connection has become obscure, owing to changes in character meaning over time. This course is designed for absolute beginners, or someone who already has some basic knowledge of Chinese but still find the characters are difficult to remember,perfect for HSK student and also kids are welcome for the course.This course can be divided into three parts at each lesson,In the first part of the course, you will learn all the things about radical itself, how to read it, what does it mean, how does it come from{ I will provide ancient Chinese writing which is called Xiaozhuan (), or Lesser Seal}, and how it transforms to the writings now, and how to write it with animation.Afterward, you will learn a few words related to the radical you learned, I recommend you to download and print the pdf attached after each course, practice while you are watching this part, it will be really helpful while you are listening to the word and watching the picture in the meantime. In the third part, try your best to guess the words you learned while pictures show up, and no worries, I will give you the answer a few seconds later.last but not least, the course will provide lots of pics and different music to help you learn a new language, absolutely fun! Hope you enjoy it! See you at the course.


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