Scratch coding 3rd grade and up with a real TEACHER

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(For Parents and or Teachers)Hello and welcome to my very first course on Udemy. For over 9 years I was a teacher. Through my career I have taughtevery level of education from Pre-K to 12th grade and even special education programs.This course is designed with 3rd grade students in mind, however, this course would be a great introduction to programming for older students as well as training for teachers who would like to learn coding or would like a fun and safe video for instructing their class.This course utilizes my years of experiences teaching and my own fun personality to explain and ground programming and it's various concepts and complexities.This course will lead you or your student through all the steps you need to understand and to create your own games.So let's learn Scratch and Computer Science!Throughout the course you will watch and follow along with several videos that are easy to follow to create fun, simple, and unique games.You will be able to view my computer screen as I walk you through programming in scratch to make games like:Zombie ShooterSpace DefenseDress up DanWack a MoleAnd More!Let's Get To Coding!


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