Overcoming Overwhelm - The Procrastination Playbook

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For the past few months Ive been doing a deep dive into Procrastination, trying to find the cognitive strategies that people who have no trouble with procrastination use to overcome their procrastination. This deep dive has involved:Introspecting on my own cognitive strategiesReading the self help literature and mining cognitive strategiesScouring the scientific literature for reviews and meta studies related to overcoming procrastination, and mining the cognitive strategies.Interviewing people who have trouble with procrastination, and people who have overcome it, and modelling their cognitive strategies.I then took these ~18 cognitive strategies, split them into 7 lessons, and spent ~50 hours taking people individually through the lessons and seeing what worked, what didnt and what was missing.This resulted in me doing another round of research, adding a whole new set of cognitive strategies, (for a grand total of 25 cognitive strategies taught over the course of 10 lessons) and testing for another round of ~50 hours to again test these cognitive strategies with 1-on-1 lessons to see what worked for people.This resulted in the Procrastination playbook, a full accounting of these 25 strategies along with a course designed to make them automatic parts of who you are.  The first of these 10 lessons is here, and details how to overcome overwhelm, and next action ambiguity.


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