Unpacking the Purge: Declutter Your Home with Minimal Stress

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Have you ever wondered how some people seem to be born with a naturalability to remain organized?These people may appear to balance ambitious career aspirations andan active social life effortlessly while maintaining a positive, stress-free outlook. In this course, we will discover why purging our home environment is foundational to reaping the benefitsof living a more balanced,organized life.Create the Life You Want to Live by OptimizingYour EnvironmentDiscover the interconnectivity between environment and outlookLearn to purge clutter and eliminate unhealthy distractionsExplore the different approaches to achieving an organized homeFind the right method that will help you remain organizedMake your next purge your absolute best purgeI designed this course to break down the two most commonly-used methods of purging and de-cluttering. My easy-to-follow infographics will help you analyze your unique situation anddetermine which method will enable you to achieve lasting results. This course is suitable for those of us who may be making thefirst attempt at getting organized as well as for students who are somewhat organized, but are simplylooking for a little more insight andguidance. Join me as we learn strategies that will help virtually anyone who may feel intimidated by the idea of organizing his or her home successfully complete a purge with results that will last.Client Testimonials:"Great at her job...has a real talent for organizing." - G. G."Intuitive and intelligent." S.B."Rolanda has greatly reduced the stress of having to move on short notice. Would recommend 100%." S.A."Awesome all around." C.I.


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