Curso Completo de Ingls: Intermedio

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This course is especially created for Spanish speakers who also need to improve their English knowledge,vocabulary and sentence contruction.You will have tons of downloadablevocabulary translated into Spanish.Practise sentencetranslationfrom English to Spanish and viceversa for each grammar & vocabulary topic.This course includes:Couse structured in Units containing grammar and everything youneedto improve your English easily.Subtitled video lectures explaining the grammar topics in a very easy to understand way.You will practise everything by doing exercises.Lots of resources and exercises to practise your listening in different accents andreal TV examples.You will also improve yourreading, pronunciation, spelling, and increase your vocabulary.Monitor your progress withReview Tests along the course.Downloadable material on pdf format.Check the course curriculum for thespecific content ofthis course.Over 103lectures and more than2.5hours of video lectures.This course contains the equivalent grammar and vocabularyto:The Preliminary English Test (PET)" level from the Cambridge University in the UK.TheB1level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).A57-86points at theTOEFLexam (Test Of English as a Foreign Language).WHAT WILL YOU GAIN AFTER THE COURSE:After finishing this course you will be able to have a deep knowledge of the English grammar, and be capable of reading and writing using advanced English grammar, as well as being able to have a solid grammar base to have a perfect conversation in English.Taking this course is the way to perfect your grammar knowledge as you will learn the differences in use between most verb tenses.You will be asked to do review tests in order to make sure you gained a solid knowledge of the English grammar taught in this course.


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