Declutter paper and paperwork (clutter, de-clutter)

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Are you drowning in paper clutter? Have you got piles of unopened mail, dating back weeks, months, even years? Is it mixed in with letters your kids have brought home from school, magazines you havent got round to reading, photographs you dont want to lose and who knows what else? Has paper taken over your home?Do you miss deadlines, lose out on opportunities, lose touch with friends because you can't find the paperwork you need?If you're scared to tackle your paper clutter because you don't know what horrors are lurking there, this course is for you!I'll hold your hand through a complete paper declutter, from financial documents to photos and kids' artwork. I'll show you how to create and maintain an EFFECTIVE filing system so you can ALWAYS find any piece of paper you need.And how to use The Four-Tray Paper Processing System to process paperwork quickly and efficiently - so paperwork doesn't build up again.I'll even show you how to calm the panic you might feel at the thought of taking it on.By the end of this course, you'll be able to clear your paper clutter once and for all.You'll be able to find things right away.AND you'll be able to stay on top of your paperwork: quickly and easily dealing with and organising all paper that comes into your home.


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