Entrepreneurship: 5 keys to building a successful business

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Hi Everyone,Great businesses are built by entrepreneurs who understandthat their business is a reflection of themselves. When starting a business you are architecting the future from the ground up. In order to build a business that reaches any kind of heightened level of success it is imperative to equip yourself with the knowledge you need to push through each stage of the journey. To empower you on this journey, we outline the initial 5 practical steps youll need to launch your business in this course:YOU - Characteristics of great entrepreneursCREATE - Develop a business idea that will gain traction MARKET - Speak to the hearts and minds of your audienceSELL - Enrol customers and build a sales modelDELIVER - Delight your customers and set your business up to scale If we havent already met before, Im Jack Delosa, Founder & CEO of Australias largest education institution for entrepreneurs, The Entourage. Im also an author, investor and BRW Young Rich List Member.Ive been an entrepreneur since I was 18, and since then have built several companies, which have reached heightened levels of success. My intention is to empower you with the education youll need to do the same.Remember, learning and consuming knowledge is only half the equation. Success in business is 50% a result of the education we undertake and 50% a result of our ability to implement. Remember to ensure youre taking steps to action what you learn to set yourself up for success.Thank you for taking the time to do this course, I hope it resonates with you.Live On Purpose, Jack DelosaPS: Ive also included episodes of #AskJackD, my online show and podcast. Through this series I respond to questions around building a successful business and overcoming the challenges of entrepreneurship. You can watchthe show by heading to my Facebook page: Jack Delosa.SECTIONdescriptions:YOU Characteristics of great entrepreneursThroughout this section we will go through the seven core characteristics of great entrepreneurs. You will get an understanding of how successful entrepreneurs think and how you can apply that thinking to your life.CREATE - Develop a business idea that will gain tractionIn order to gain traction as an early stage business, your idea needs to address a genuine market demand. In this section youll learn how to test your idea prior to launching, so that you develop a product or service that touches the hearts and minds of your audience.MARKET - Capture an audienceHere well talk about how to hone in on your audience through marketing and convert your audience into leads on a shoestring budget. Well also cover how to use the media to build your brand and reach millions of people, without spending a cent.SELL - Enrol customers and build a sales modelIn this section youll learn tactics to help you get consumers to actually buy your product or service. Well go through everything from bringing on new customers, to creating recurring revenue from your existing customers.DELIVER - Achieve customer satisfaction and set up for scalabilityAs a business, the happiness of your consumer should at the centre of every single thing you do. Here youll learn tactics that will allow you to delight your consumers in a way that other brands dont, and set your business up to to scale at large if you chose to.


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